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At a Glance

Odisha Space Applications Centre (ORSAC), the apex body of the State of Odisha for space technology applications, was established in the year 1984. The Centre is located at Bhubaneswar in its own building at Chandrasekharpur. The Centre is equipped with sophisticated GIS & Computer laboratories with latest GIS and Image softwares. It has a team of well-experienced multidisciplinary application scientists to undertake Remote Sensing, GIS & GPS based projects. In the field of communication technology application, the centre runs GRAMSAT & EDUSAT programme. GRAMSAT includes interactive training programme, production & telecast of developmental programmes in fiction based drama format, documentary format as well as news magazine format. EDUSAT includes telecast of live class room programmes and enrichment programmes for the benefit of High School students.

Remotely Sensed data from Earth Observation Satellites,in conjunction with field observations and collateral data, facilitates generation of information for decision making in a time and cost effective manner for scientific management of our natural resources, for monitoring the environment and ecosystems as well as for assessment of damage due to natural disasters. To give substance to the above capability of the technology and to further the goals of Indian Space Programme, ORSAC has defined its objectives and relentlessly attempts to satisfy the same in the context of the needs of the state.
The objectives are :

  • Establishment of up-to-date/near real-time satellite database and topographical / cadastral map library.
  • Demonstration and operationalisation of space technology application in the state.
  • Application of Remote Sensing, GIS, GPS and Communication Technology for several development planning activities.
  • Creation of centralised facilities for interpretation and analysis of remote sensing data for developmental planning activities using Geographic Information System (GIS).
  • Demonstration of multi-disciplinary application projects for mapping, monitoring and management of natural resources and environment.
  • Participation in various projects defined under National Natural Resources Management system (NNRMS) programme of Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO).
  • To provide up-to-date accurate and geo-referenced databases to resource managers, planners and decision makers for natural resource management, environmental monitoring, Infrastructure development and other development planning activities.
  • Connecting people through GRAMSAT Project.
  • Dissemination of Education and Telemedicine facilities through GRAMSAT/ EDUSAT Network.
  • To act as a centre of excellence for repository of State's natural resources, socio-economic, demographic and development data.
  • Organisation of Orientation Workshops on Multi-disciplinary Application Areas using Remote Sensing and GIS for different User Departments/Agencies at State, district level.